Planetary Systems of the Earth 1

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The theory developed in this book is based on the revival and expansion of an old idea. It was the idea of a central body, preferably spherical, around which and/or in which concentric layers were formed.

Democritus was the first to represent this idea with his atomic theory, imagining atoms as solid and massive building blocks. If a wave model is used for the atom that allows concentric layering to be interpreted as an expression of a spatial radial oscillator, one arrives at the currently valid orbital model of atoms.

This book shows that these oscillatory order structures can also be implemented on the earth and its layers (geological and atmospheric). In addition, the theory can also be applied to concentric systems that are not spherical but flat, such as the solar system with its planetary orbits, the rings that some planets have and the moons of planets or the neighboring galaxies of the Milky Way. This principle can also be applied to fruits and flowers, such as peaches, oranges, coconuts, dahlias and narcissus.

This suggests that the theory of a central body as a spatial radial oscillator can also be applied to other spherical phenomena, such as spherical galactic nebulae, black holes or even the universe itself. This in turn suggests that the idea of the central body as a spatial radial oscillator represents a general principle of structure in this universe, both macroscopically, microscopically and submicroscopically.


This book is the essence and progression of two presentations, the author K. Piontzik has held on 2009/3/14 to the association for the support of the geobiology in Brügge and on the spring conference of the research group for geobiology in 2009/4/24 in Eberbach.

The present material represents a progression and completion of the book "Gitterstrukturen des Erdmagnetfeldes".

Gitterstrukturen des Erdmagnetfeldes

The basic material (about 60%) of the book "Gitterstrukturen des Erdmagnetfeldes" is also on the Internet in English accessible at:
Seen from today's perspective "lattice structures of the earth magnetic field" de-livers a collection of facts and basic informations. A closed homogeneous model is recognizable in attempts, but the golden threat is still missing.

Now in cooperation with the biophysicist Dr. Claude Bärtels the new work "Planetary systems" forms a closed uniform working hypothesis, with that the physical layer structures of the earth (geologic bowls, atmospheric layers, earth magnetic field, electric earth field) can be explained.

This book is a working hypothesis, which can be falsified after the today's epis-temology by Popper.
From it the information of a physical measuring method occurs which represent the experimentum crucis for this working hypothesis.

Overall, the model shown here, represents a holistic approach on an oscillation base that explains several structures of the earth.

What is valid on the earth, must be valid also "in" the earth and with it is valid both on the large and small scale. What means for the authors that the macro-scopic oscillation structures have her correspondences also in the (sub) micro-scopic (atomic) area.

The course of the development in the last both years has shown, that the whole themes about stratifications, oscillations and grids can be attributed to a central concept with which all phenomena can be explained: it is the concept of the planetary system.

 Planetary Systems 1

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